WWFGIII // Jen Welter in New Orleans

The list of guests of the Women’s World Football Games III is getting longer after Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints already welcomed the 224 players from 17 different countries trough a video.

USA Football announced that on March 3 , Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in NFL and great player of team USA, will be at the camp in Louisiana. She will talk about her coaching experience at the Arizona Cardinals during one of the many sessions of « Player development« . She will also coach the linebackers on that day.

Katie Sowers, QB, also player of the USA team, will also participate in the WWFGIII. She will also speak at the « Player development » session as the first woman to coach for the East-West Shrine Game, a male university all-star game which has been played since 1925 .

Good stuff eh? Gonna be fun ladies!

Women’s World Football Games III

Here is the detailed program of the third edition of the Women’s World Football Games which will take place on the facilities of… the New Orleans Saints (no, no you aren’t dreaming!) :

Don’t miss it!

The first edition of the WWFG took place in 2014. This event is a women’s world football camp held every year for 6 days in the United States. This year’s program: technical development, tactical meetings, team plays and opposition. The game will end with two games by level. All this, while meeting the most passionate and talented players of the world.

Registration has already opened and there is still room for applicants. For French players, it remains unclear whether the National Challenge dates will remain those initially planned by the Federation. In fact the second games (5/6 March) will be held at the same time of this camp. Such a pity !

Enjoy the video featuring the previous editions!

Sylvie Aïbeche